Sketch 10: Mix Tape

Gloomy Night, Gloomy Song

To be honest, I hardly listened to the newest music recently and am unaware of the current hit songs. About 2 years ago, when I listened to music the most, I did follow the trend, knew various popular songs, and discovered even some Sound-Cloud songs from the underground singers/rappers, but not anymore.

However, from the time when I started listening to music, I had made about 5 playlists of which the first 2 mainly consisted of exciting songs and sad songs, which I listen to at the gym and on my bed at night, respectively. I remember I was listening to the second one for the majority of the time in the last two years in high school. As I became 12th grade, the academic expectations around me skyrocketed, and I was not able to play sports like before. Listening to sad emotional songs after finishing my work at night was one of the small ways I relieved my stress. Now, a year later from the time, I again often feel void and become emotional after finishing my work at night.

Hence, in today’s playlist, I picked from the previous playlists and composed it with songs that would comfort one’s gloomy night. The rhetorical situation is people’s gloom due to various reasons such as death, breaking up, unrequited loving, and many others that can be all consoled with this playlist.

The picture for the album cover is the view of the daybreak from my room which I took myself. I actually had used it as a background picture in sharing songs before. The dark buildings, orange border, and navy sky pointed by the wire still make me be lost in thought. Also, I thought the picture looked ambiguous, being either from dawn or from dusk, which also gives an mysterious impression of the time.

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